Safaricom has been ordered by the Employment and Labour Relations Court to pay two former Safaricom senior managers Sh7.2 million for wrongful dismissal.

Justice James Rika said the termination of Charles Muema Munuve and Mary Rono was unfair and not based on valid reasons.

Consequently, the judge has ordered Safaricom to pay Mr. Munuve Sh2.98 million and Ms. Rono Sh4.22 million.

This is equivalent to eight and seven months gross salary respectively, in compensation for unfair termination.

Safaricom Managers Terminations

Mr. Munuve and Ms. Rono, who were area sales managers in North Coast and Rift Valley respectively, were both summarily dismissed on June 28, 2018.

At the time of his sacking, Mr. Munuve was earning Sh331,000.

Ms. Rono, on the other hand, was promoted to become senior manager of retail operations with a gross package of Sh528,000.

The claimants were dismissed on two similar grounds.

They failed to adhere to the requirements of ensuring proper distribution, accounting, activation, as well as monitoring of telecommunication devices.

They were also accused of failing to ensure that the company’s assets were used for intended purposes.

This further resulted in the devices being used in competition networks according to Nation Africa.

However, the duo has since denied the allegations.

The dispute arose after the company bought 90,000 Huawei Y 311 devices for Sh544.5 million.

These were for distribution to the dealers, agents, and shops for free through the area sales managers.

Safaricom said the managers failed to offer a satisfactory explanation and were therefore taken through disciplinary processes and found culpable.

Justice Rika said the claimants had respectively worked for 15 and 13 years and had exemplary records with the company.

Safaricom Dismissals

Safaricom fired 28 employees in the year ended March 2021 for fraud-related offenses, a jump from 16 dismissals the year before.

The telco’s latest sustainability report released Wednesday indicated it conducted 36 investigations into alleged fraud.

It dismissed the 28 and warned 19 employees according to Business Daily.

One case was taken to government agencies for further action.